“Maryanne Perry is a wonderfully strong, direct, clear and generous trainer /facilitator.”
Karen Buck - Senior Trainer and Workplace Coach, ABC Radio

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Looking for a dynamic and compelling presenter for your upcoming conference? MAP Coaching's expertise in maximising people’s potential and transforming performance forms the basis for keynote presentations that have informed and inspired hundreds.

Enquire about a topic that will fire up your audience and lead to positive, life-enhancing change. Some previous presentations include: 

Stop, Revive and Thrive

How resting the brain, combined with strategic thinking and planning gives you success.

The Neuroscience of Creativity

How to create the right state for innovative solutions

Breathing Life into Your Goals

Setting inspiring goals is just the first step. Find out the other steps that successful people use.

The Woman’s Advantage

Tapping into what comes naturally to ensure success in business and life.