Maryanne was voted Australian Coach of the Year by coaches nationally for representing the superior qualities that make a great coach. Maryanne’s nominee’s referenced her generosity in supporting the growth of others, her ability to find the ‘gold’ in everyone, her inspirational & reassuring style and her spirit which has impacted hundreds of coaches nationally.
Kylie Evans, Australian Regional Manager, Results Coaching Systems

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Learn the secret to having Effective Conversations™

Have you experienced the excitement of having conversations where you really connected, and your expectations and theirs were not just met, but surpassed? 

Do you want more of these rich and rewarding conversations? 

MAP coaching can assist you to communicate more confidently, openly and honestly.

Learn to have Effective Conversations that create new possibilities for you, your relationships and your workplace. MAP Coaching uses a successful combination of coaching, mentoring and training to empower clients with this level of communication.

All training programs are:

  •  Individually designed  
  •  Experiential and interactive
  •  Based on the International Coach Federation competencies
  •  Able to be successfully implemented immediately 

Recent Training Programs

Courageous Leadership  

For leaders and high potentials who are committed to collaborating with others to get better results in shorter timeframes. 

Brain Based Mentoring  

For experienced professionals to learn to facilitate insight and share expertise in empowering conversations.

Coaching Conversations 

Facilitate the thinking of others (customers, clients, staff and students) so their own goals, solutions  and insights motivate their actions.

Gestalt Coaching 

Combine Gestalt principles and the ICF coaching competencies to empower others to create a positive future for themselves.

Learn the art of facilitating Effective Conversations using Coaching Skills where your “coachee” is motivated and engaged and producing amazing results for themselves and their workplace. When having Coaching Conversations your satisfaction is their motivation and their results.

Enquire now and experience the power of Effective Conversations